You've heard the cliche story about a Dad going out to the store for cigarettes and not returning. It was the beginning of a lot of movies from the 80's and 90's, and could lead to creating the hero or the villain, depending on how they reacted to this life event.

Well, there was a Mexican fan that used the same story, but it wasn't to leave his family forever. It was just so he could see the Mexican soccer team play live... in RUSSIA.

The Confederations Cup wrapped up recently, with Germany taking down Chile 1-0. Arturo Garcia told his wife that he was going to Oxxo for some cigarettes. The only problem is, he didn't specify which Oxxo he'd be going to. Arturo ended up taking a flight over to Russia, but the trip ended up taking it's toll on him.

His first stop on his trip was to Germany, where he actually injured his Achilles heel. Then is got worse because the next match for Mexico in Russia was against the eventual champions, Germany. That game ended with Germany winning 4 to 1. And to top it all off, Arturo spent his entire life savings for the trip.

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