With the NBA embroiled in a lockout, some cities are set to lose out on massive amounts of revenue, but Memphis is one city is looking to fight back.

The Memphis City Council approved a resolution on Tuesday that will reportedly “explore all options” to go after the league to recover losses; as the lockout rolls on, a lawsuit is increasingly possible.

The lockout is currently on its 111th day and David Stern, the NBA’s commissioner, was forced to cancel the season’s first two weeks earlier this month.

A one-year lockout could devastate the city for at least a decade to come because it would lose out on Grizzlies’ ticket sales, seat-rental fees and money made from concessions.

There’s no sign yet that others cities might follow Memphis’s lead. But if this initiative takes off with a public that is growing tired of and annoyed with the work stoppage, the NBA could have another major problem on its hands.

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