You did notice I said baseball, correct?

Marika Hernandez is a baseball player on the J.V. team at Lubbock High School. After some trials and tribulations, she was allowed to play with the boys.

You see, Marika loves baseball, not softball, and all she wanted was a chance to prove that she could be an asset to the team. In her first scrimmage, she struck out three out of the four batters she faced and had a hit with one at-bat.

In conservative West Texas, there's no shortage of people who think that she should be off with the girls, but Marika has dreams as big as the West Texas sky and landed a spot on the team. Now at this point, the team can decide how fairly or unfairly they are going to treat Marika, but we're hoping everyone will get on board with this trendsetter.

Despite the fact that some of the boys and even adult parents along the way didn't like the idea, Marika has had support from a number of coaches who recognized that she had the talent to play at this level. We know that Marika will make fans and make the most of any playing time she gets and the more playing time she gets, the more she'll break down walls for women in sports. She's earned her spot on the team, and now we're hoping she'll be given a chance to earn a spot on the field.

We recognize that some fragile male egos aren't going to be able to handle this, but it's time for everyone in the picture to recognize that Marika's got what it takes.

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