Saints training camp is up and rolling. Day 3 is upon us as the team continues to develop into a Super Bowl contender. However, down in Louisiana, the training camp heat is different than anywhere else. And due to the heat Mark Ingram shared with the fans what the perfect training camp snack is.

I get it in this hot humid Louisiana summer, nothing is more refreshing than some fresh watermelon. He also was enjoying himself as during camp he was dancing to the Louisiana anthem "Set It Off". (Check out that story here: 


But Ingram wasn't the only one having fun as Chauncey Gardner Johnson and Smoke Monday joined in the fun dancing as well.

Saints training camp is underway and it's a great sign to see the guys having fun and getting along. This locker room has always been close and that will allow for them to make a great run. However, it starts now with training camp.

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