And the Manny Ramirez retirement saga continues to drag on…

The former slugger applied for reinstatement to Major League Baseball after the league reduced his suspension for a second failed drug test from 100 games to 50 because of all the time he’s already missed.

In 2009, Ramirez served a similar 50-game suspension. Under the threat of having to lose 100 games at the beginning of the 2011 campaign, the then Tampa Bay Rays’ outfielder chose to retire on April 8.

Ramirez will turn 40 this year, and he’s searching for a team willing to take a chance on him, and his suspension that will kick in whenever he’s signed. He was also arrested in September on a domestic battery charge involving his wife, a charge he denies.

So who might sign the aging slugger? Maybe the Baltimore Orioles. What do they have to lose?

[Associated Press]