While the NBA, NHL, and the MLS have all approved their plans to return to action, Major League Baseball is still not close to joining them. Both MLB and the MLBPA are holding their ground and refusing to budge on their demands. Owners will give players their prorated salaries for a 48-game schedule while players want their full prorated salaries over an 82-game season. One of them will have to budge in order for baseball fans to get what they want.

Players have no interest in a short season like 50 games or less because they will make less than a third of their regular salary for 2020. In the case of an 82-game season, they would receive just slightly more than half of their full salary. As for the owners, no games means no television revenue along with the lack of ticket revenue they would normally receive.

As a lifelong baseball fan, I cannot see a situation where the 2020 season is cancelled. Simply put, there is too much to risk with MLB being the only sport to not come to an agreement following the pandemic. If I had to look into a crystal ball, I think the owners give in and the final agreement is much closer to the players demands. I also think that both sides will make progress this weekend and have a deal in place by the beginning of next week. At least that is what a baseball lifer is hoping for.

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