Linebacker Ray Lewis' moment in the NFL sun may continue to shine this season, as the official Madden NFL 13 Super Bowl XLVII prediction has the Baltimore Ravens beating the San Francisco 49ers 27-24.

Anyone can make a lucky guess at this season's NFL victors, but the Madden NFL 13 Super Bowl Prediction Powered by Xbox 360 has hit the target seven out of nine times. Although 49ers phenom Colin Kaepernick threw a touchdown pass to Vernon Davis and Frank Gore scored two touchdowns, he also threw an interception with ten seconds remaining, giving the Ravens their second Super Bowl title.

On the offensive side, the Ravens were powered by touchdowns from game changing wide receiver Torrey Smith and the every steady Ray Rice. MVP honors went to quarterback Joe Flacco, who took down fellow passers Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Kaepernick to lead his team to the Super Bowl.

Tell us if the Madden NFL 13 Super Bowl Prediction is accurate, or if you believe the San Francisco 49ers will ultimately prevail. [This is ridiculous! Niners all the way!! —Ed.]

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