It's the feel good story of this year thus far.  New York Knicks sudden superstar Jeremy Lin has become an overnight success.  This is why you have to love sports in general.  Lin was as well known as I am a few weeks ago, and now he is arguably the biggest superstar in the NBA!

By now everyone and their brother knows Lin's story.  A Harvard graduate, he was undrafted and cut by 2 NBA teams.  After Lin was signed by the Knicks in late December he was sleeping on his brother's couch.  Now that Lin is a starter for the Knicks he has taken his game to the next level.  In his first 5 NBA starts, Lin has 136 points, which is a record since the league merger in 1978.  Last night Lin did it again, hitting the game winning 3 pointer for the Knicks to defeat the Raptors. 

The big question is, how does a guy who was cut by 2 NBA teams suddenly develop such talent?  Why didn't any other teams see this?  The Knicks must be the biggest geniuses in the NBA, right?  No not really, they are just fortunate to have picked up a player that no other team seemed to want.  My philosophy is simple, if you are fortunate enough to make it to the NBA, then you are one hell of a player.  Even if you ride the bench, that still makes you a pretty good basketball player.

How many great college basketball players never make it to the NBA?  Quite a few, and they end up playing overseas or in other leagues.  Jeremy Lin just needed to find the right system to play in.  Playing for coach Mike D'Antoni is what Lin needed to launch his career.  Lin has also found a group of fellow players that he meshes well with.  If there is no chemistry, it is hard to accomplish a lot.  Yes he was fortunate enough to get the opportuntiy to play due to Carmello Anthony's groin injury, and Amare Stoudemire was out this past week because of his brothers' death. 

Opportunity means nothing if you aren't ready for the chance to succeed.  The definition of luck is being at the right place at the right time, and being ready for the chance.  Lin was ready for his chance to shine and show New Yorkers, and the world what he had to offer. 

Lin's story is great, and proves that if an individual has the desire to accomplish their goals, then it can be possible.  After all, this is America, the land of milk and honey; if you keep on trying and never give up, you never know where you will end up.  If you don't believe me, just ask Jeremy Lin.