It would seem the attraction of the Lingerie Football League is more the lingerie than the football. That’s certainly what grabbed our attention.

But maybe we’re selling the actual game play a bit short. It turns out it can get pretty intense, amongst all the legs and the boobs. In fact, during the LFL’s recent All-Star game, the two opposing coaches starting fighting right in the middle of the field.

This video is NSFW. While that designation suggests spectacular uniform malfunctions amid an orgy of all-out violence, it’s actually because one of the coaches likes to yell profanity in a surprisingly high-pitched voice. So sorry about that.

Bonus points for anybody who can figure out what in the world the fight was about.

Yes, brawling in an all-star game is pretty gauche. But if you had the chance to tempt an entire team of scantily clad ladies into holding you back, you just might go for it too.