Merion Golf Club is quite possibly the truest form of golf there is, anywhere.

There are no yardage markers on the course, you are not allowed to use range finders or apps on your phone that are range finders.

And the kicker to it all, there are no flags on the flag sticks. They use wicker baskets instead. Why you ask? So you have no advantage of knowing what direction the wind is blowing.

They started using the baskets in 1915 and no one really has an answer as to why.

I would love to play this course!

Lee Westwood however, got a first hand lesson on Merion and the wicket baskets on the flag sticks and it did not work out in his favor.


Here is what he had to say about it on Twitter.

westwood twitter
(Courtesy of Twitter)

He is a good sport at least!


(Courtesy of YouTube)