El Paso loves movies. I know. Shocker right? We have a huge love for the arts here. Plenty of El Pasoans get involved in cinema & make something of themselves. And we certainly love seeing our city appear on the big screen.

Well we can't forget our neighbors in Las Cruces. We've seen many actors appear there like Dolph Lundgren, we've seen Hollywood movies be shot in town. And of course I don't think I have to mention but the countless hard working indie moviemakers we have in both cities.

So with both cities having such a huge admiration for cinema, it only makes sense that we should have a movie studio in town... right?

Well as it's been reported yesterday, August 17th 2022, that the California production company 828 Studios will be setting up IN Las Cruces. They're expecting to build a 300,000 square foot studio and 20 acre back lot over the next 6 years; with its first production expected to be shot by the end of 2022.

Now I don't know about you, but I think this is a WONDERFUL thing. As I mentioned before, both Las Cruces & El Paso LOVES movies; we love making them, we love being IN them. Some major reasons why I think this is GREAT news:

  • This is a huge opportunity of upcoming directors, producers, actors to have another chance to finally break out into the acting world.
  • We'll have WAY more opportunities to see huge celebrities come to town & give both cities some MUCH needed exposure.
  • So many local businesses can get a huge boost of recognition from big names coming to support.
  • And that's not even including all the jobs that will come with this movie studio opening up.

If it's true that production will in fact start at the end of 2022, imagine the possibilities that'll happen in 2023. I predict that with 828 Studios opening only an hour away, we're going to see a HUGE increase of stars from El Paso & Las Cruces.

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