There are certain things on this planet that fascinate me, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have the actual guts to go check out in real life. I'm fascinated with Antarctica, Mt. Everest, and caves. The caves one is definitely out of the question as I suffer for horrible claustrophobia. It was rough just going through Carlsbad Caverns.

As I am making my way through Reddit, like I frequently do, I stumbled on this fact in the Today I Learned section.

TIL the Cave of Swallows in Mexico is the largest cave shaft in the world, being almost 1,000 feet wide at the bottom and 1,100 feet deep, and it's home of many birds, but despite its name, almost no swallows

Alright, you've piqued my interest. So I started to look into it. Here's a video from about a year ago of someone checking out the Cave of Swallows.

You can see some amazing pictures of the Cave of Swallows over at the Wikipedia page but CLICKING HERE.

Without a parachute, it would take you about 10 seconds to reach the bottom from the mouth. This makes the Cave of Swallows a pretty big destination for base jumpers looking for a solid place to take the plunge. Want to see some people actually base jumping into the Cave of Swallows. Done, watch this...

So as I sit here on my laptop typing this, I thank my lucky stars for the Internet and YouTube and everything else that helps me experience things like the Cave of Swallows, without actually having to go there.

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