As a boxing fan, I was looking forward to Saturday afternoon's heavyweight unification clash between Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye. The two fighters clearly do not like each other and Haye had spent the last several months trash talking. In fact, the Brit not only guaranteed a knockout but went so far as to predict injury to the Ukrainian champ. He even wore a shirt portraying the severed heads of both Klitschko brothers (Vitali is WBA Heavyeight Champ). So when the fight aired live on HBO at 2:45 this afternoon, I was excited about a heavyweight title fight for the first time in years. About 90 minutes later, the fight ended and I wondered why these two even entered the ring in the first place? Haye showed no offense the entire fight and left me and a lot of other boxing fans terribly disappointed with his pathetic performance. Klitschko did not exactly dominate the fight either, but he did throw and and land many more punches during the 12 rounds of boxing.

After Klitschko had his hand raised in victory, I received this tweet from Fernando Beltran:

"and that's why boxing is falling behind to MMA cuz of guys like Haye who talk but never back it up."

He is absolutely right. MMA continues to gain popularity and boxing will lose more and more fans after travesties like this.