The El Paso Chihuahuas released their upcoming promotional schedule for the 2016 season, which will feature more special edition jerseys, a Lucha Libre mask, and a visit from a popular NFL mascot. On May 21st the team will wear and auction off jerseys that are modeled after the band Kiss. The team will wear at least three other specialty jerseys during the season. The Lucha Libre masks will be given away to the first 2,000 people on August 21st. The team will also produce a pair of bobbleheads for 2016, including popular former playeer Cody Decker and a "bobble hair" of on field emcee Andy Imfeld. Other giveaways include a soccer style scarf, fleece blanket, and rally towels.

600 ESPN El Paso will co-sponsor T-Shirt Tuesdays with GECU, and the team will have eight different shirts to give away to fans throughout the season. Rowdy, the popular Dallas Cowboys mascot, will make his first ever visit to Southwest University Park on July 20th. Two weeks later, the Famous San Diego Chicken will make his third appearance to the ballpark. The popular ZOOperstars will also return on June 24th.

The team will be offering individual seats to every home game including the San Diego Padres exhibition tomorrow from 10am-12pm at the stadium's box office. The Chihuahuas will also have a special sidewalk sale at the team shop, a chance to take a picture with Chico, and they will offer inflatable rides to kids during the two-hours.