Since every media outlet has weighed in the results of the Wells Report and Deflategate the last few days, we saved the best for last. Jon Stewart began last night's Daily Show with a seven minute commentary on Tom Brady and the Patriots' scandal. Stewart held up newspaper headlines like "Great Balls of Liar" from the New York Daily News and "NFL Probe Has Brady....By The Balls!" from the New York Post to help illustrate how the Patriots future Hall of Fame quarterback handled the situation. Remember, both of those headlines come from the two most popular New York tabloid-style newspapers, who detest Brady and the Patriots.

NY Post.

With a graphic of Brady and the words "The Fresh Prince of Ball Air" underneath the Pats quarterback, Stewart offered up a hilarious perspective on the story that only he can deliver. We are going to miss Stewart when he calls it quits in three months, so enjoy every Daily Show on Comedy Central until then.