Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are good friends and the two always seem to have a good time whenever they are together. Last night at the US Open, the two teamed up for an impromptu dance while the Beyonce song "Single Ladies" was played during the quarterfinal match between Roger Federer and Richard Gasquet.

Earlier that day, Timberlake taped a segment with Fallon on NBC's The Tonight Show. Not only did they perform The History of Rap 6, but Timberlake also showed Fallon how to make a tequila cocktail. Does tequila really need to be infused with jalapeno peppers to have even more bite? Apparently, Timberlake's triple distilled Sauza 901 brand was not spicy enough. I am no tequila expert, but I do prefer a nice smooth sipping tequila, with no salt or lime. I still have a bottle of Mezcal that will not be touched until the New York Jets win the Super Bowl.