This year the NFL Draft is being held in Chicago, rather than its usual home, New York, which means Draft watchers will likely miss out on a hallowed tradition: Jets fans booing the hell out of whatever player their team selects. (See the highlight-reel video below.) So news station WGN decided to do the next best thing, by dressing up as Jets fans, interviewing random Chicagoans, and booing whenever they respond.

Credit where it's due: these guys do a pretty great job, both with the Noo Yawk accents and with the constantly miserable and disappointed behavior that defines a Jet fan on Draft Day. They also manage to get in some more upbeat moments, like when they ask some businessman-type what his favorite song is. "Benny and the ...," is the lead-in, and then everyone whoops and cheers at the mention of "Jets." Nicely done, WGN team, although we could've used an exasperated "Ken O'Brien over Dan Marino?!?!" moment or two.

We wish you all a happy NFL Draft, particularly fans of Gang Green, who will no doubt add one more notch on their belts once they finally get around to making their pick (No. 6 this year). And with that, we leave you with this:

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