I've said this many times before and I'll continue to say it. I don't care if you stand or take a knee for the national anthem.

However, I do think you need to hold yourself to the same standard you are going to require of other people. Especially if you have a specific standard for your employees.

Dale Hanson has called out Jerry Jones for not removing his hat during the national anthem. Don't believe it? Just watch the video above. It looks like the person standing next to Jones even tells him about it. Jones moves his hand up towards his hat, but leaves it on anyway.

If you're upset that players kneel during the national anthem, that's fine. If you think they should be able to kneel, that's fine as well. But I would hope that you would be able to look at hypocrisy and call it out for what it is. Jerry Jones is a hypocrite. You want your players to "respect the flag" and not take a knee during the national anthem? Take your damn hat off, sir.

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