We're gearing up to make 2015 the year of mega prizes and January started off with a bang. Check out the winner list below to see if there's a prize waiting on you!

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Dakota Thomas $25 Amazon Gift Card
Mykey Contreras $10 Subway gift card
Manny Pinon $10 Subway gift card
Jordan Scott $10 Subway gift card
Robert Roman $25 cash gift card
Mara Sigales 4 holidays on ice tickets
Elena Arteaga 2 Tickets to Sun City on Tap
Gabriel De La Cruz 2 Tickets to Sun City on Tap
Mark Sanchez 2 tickets to sun city on tap
rachel rodriguez Year's supply of tamales
Jeanette Rodriguez $25 Buffalo Wild Wings
Nidia Carrizazo Chocolate Affair Tickets
Shelia Gomez Chocolate Affair Tickets
Elsa Carrasco Chocolate Affair Tickets
Blanca Lucero Pitbull tickets
Claudia Martinez Chocolate Affair Tickets
Elenie GOnzalez Pitbull tickets
Isaac Gonzalez Monster X Tour tickets
Mary Carranza Monster X Tour tickets
Jesse James Monster X Tour tickets
Vane Bazan Monster X Tour tickets
Jesse Pantoja Monster X Tour tickets
Marco Aguirre Monster X Tour tickets -- 4 pack
Rafael Campos J. Ratliff Jersey Autographed
Lillian Snook Carrie UTEP Dinner Theatre Passes
Bernice Reaza Carrie UTEP Dinner Theatre Passes
Danny Pedregon Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding Tickets

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