Alright, so we can all probably agree that sometimes we depend on our smartphones WAYYYY too much.

Personally, it’s my phone that helps me connect with listeners via social media or it helps me stay updated on what’s trending.

However, I am guilty of avoiding face-to-face interaction with people because I rather text than talk. 

Well, one yogurt brand (I know, random) wants to challenge smartphone users to ditch their phone for one whole month and in return, they’ll win a whopping $10,000! SIGN ME UP!

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According to Siggi's, we're all drowning in a sea of screen time, clocking in a whopping 5.4 hours a day on our phones. They're on a mission to help us simplify our lives and break free from the shackles of endless distractions. It’s like a "Dry January," but for your digital life. 

Anyone can apply, but be prepared to send a 100 to 500-word essay expressing why you desperately need a "digital detox."  

Head over to Siggi's website before January 31st to apply for this unique opportunity. OH! And don’t worry, they dont plan on leaving you completely phone free. Each participant gets a pre-paid flip-phone for the month to use when you need to get a hold of family or other important people.

If you are able to handle this one month digital detox then you’ll win a three-month supply of Siggi's delicious yogurt and of course, $10,000! 

The winners will be revealed by February 15th, but when the "digital detox" begins remains a mystery.


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