Thanksgiving is soooo close and I know people are setting their sights on all the tasty food that is sure to be served, including us in El Paso, Texas. Personally, I am ready for my mom's delicious Thanksgiving stuffing!

While we're enjoying the food and holiday, other workers will want to be doing the same. Which is why some major stores are going to be closed on Thanksgiving Day schedules.

Major Retailers Begin Black Friday Sales Thanksgiving Night
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Growing up I remember those chaotic Black Friday scenes with people rushing to get the best deals and I always felt so bad for the employees.

Fast forward to me being of age to work and I would find myself being one of those retail employees having to work on the dreaded Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday! *Cries in Spanish*

Well, since 2020, major retailers have been rethinking their game plan when it comes to making employees work on Thanksgiving. These retailers realized they could keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving without missing out on sales.

Not only does this give us shoppers more time to enjoy family time, but it also allows hardworking employees to spend quality time with their loved ones on Thanksgiving.

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

Here’s A List Of Stores Closed on Thanksgiving Day:

Thanksgiving Day Closures

Here are businesses we know will be closed on Thanksgiving Day

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EDIT: This was originally published Oct 2023.