In a world filled with such serious and sometimes negative news, a few KVIA news anchors decided to let loose and embrace the Halloween spirit with some pretty hilarious costumes and I was loving them all!!


So, my morning routine usually involves turning on the news to catch up on the latest headlines, weather, and traffic. Of course, my news of choice is KVIA. (I worked there for Over 7 years so yeah, It’s just what I enjoy watching!)

Well, when I turned on the news Halloween morning it was such a pleasant surprise to see my former co-workers letting loose and dressed up in some pretty amazing costumes!

Nichole Gomez was on “Cloud 7”:

Being on “Cloud 9” is cool and all but being on “Cloud 7” is even better!

Nichole’s Halloween costume was perfect for any weather anchor as it featured a cloud-looking skirt and one thing you probably didn’t see on-air was her awesome “hurricane” socks!

Nichole’s outfit was all homemade and she had some help from her momma and her son to perfect this homemade costume!


Michael Courier is the ONLY Traffic Cone El Pasoans don’t mind seeing!

So, usually when I see a traffic cone I yell because it usually means construction is happening and I must find an alternate route!

However, Michael’s Traffic cone costume made me laugh out loud because I wasn’t expecting to see a life-size traffic cone on my TV screen that day so seeing him pop up on my screen with a serious face in his traffic cone costume was just a treat!

I literally laughed out loud and said “Freaking Michael!” It was such a simple costume but it just made sense! And sometimes the most simple costumes can turn out to be the best!


After the Good Morning El Paso team finished their morning shift they all got together for a group photo that featured Hillary Floren as Buddy the Elf, Saul Seinz as a captain, and the rest of the behind-the-scenes crew joined in on the fun as well!


Avery Goes From ‘Being Mindful’ To Being Doppler Doppelganger:

But the icing on this Halloween cake had to have been KVIA’s ‘Be Mindful’ reporter, Avery Martinez, and his take on the man, the myth, the legend: Doppler Dave Speelman.

During ABC-7 at Noon, Avery popped up to wrap up the show with the final forecast dressed as Chief Meteorologist, Doppler Dave Speelman.

I saw the clip of his forecast on Instagram and again, I found myself laughing out loud! From his hair to his clothing, to his voice and long pauses, Avery was on point with his Doppler Dave impersonation!

Avery even made sure to have props to complete the costume: A bag of pecans (Because Doppler has a pecan farm) and a Luby’s menu (Because Doppler LOVES Luby’s.)


Hi Barbie!

Even the evening news team got in on the action with Stephanie Valle dressing up as “News Anchor Barbie.” She was rocking a bright pink outfit, pink earrings, and her straight hair that looked AMAZING!

Nothing Cheesy about this costume!

KVIA’s evening reporter and storm tracker, Sarah Coria, also joined in on the fun with her take on everyone’s favorite dish, Macaroni & Cheese!

Seeing the KVIA team let loose and get into the holiday spirit was a welcomed change of pace and It just goes to show that even in the world of bad news, there's always room for a little Halloween fun.

Thanks for brightening our day, ABC-7 team! Next year, can someone dress up as me? I’ll provide the Mija T-shirt, but you’re on your own with the anxiety meds!


KVIA Anchors Halloween Costumes