Show of hands, who had a three-day weekend this past weekend thanks to Presidents Day?! (Lucky)

Not everyone gets a three-day weekend as this holiday is something that’s mainly celebrated by government jobs.

​Now, I don’t mean to be the Debbie downer but after Presidents Day, there are no federal holidays until May, so for those of you that get to enjoy a three-day weekend, ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS. Just joking, I’m just jealous.

Now, the real question on everyone’s mind this day is pretty simple: What is open and closed on Presidents Day?

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If you planned on heading to the post office or the bank, slow your roll!

Banks will be observing Presidents Day and will be closed as well as the United Postal Service, but if you were expecting a package from UPS you’re in luck because they will still operate normally today.

While some county offices and the postal service take a breather, fear not, because El Paso city offices remain open.

Sorry kids, school is in Session:

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For all you students out there, sorry to break it to ya, but it's business as usual for Socorro, Ysleta, El Paso, Canutillo, San Elizario, and Gadsden ISDs.

But hey, there's always Fabens and Tornillo ISDs getting that sweet day off! LUCKIES!

Happy Presidents Day to those celebrating, and hey, even to those who aren’t!

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