It’s the greatest time of the year for movie lovers in the borderland because the El Paso Film Festival is back for its 2023 season.

The El Paso Film Festival is among the largest showcases of independently produced films on the far edge of Texas. The festival features a film for everyone and this year’s festival will be a first for one local TV news anchor.

KFOX14 anchor Robert Holguin will go from working in front of the camera to behind the camera as he debuts his documentary at this year’s El Paso Film Festival, "Blood, Sweat, and Beers: The Making of a Comedy-Rock Classic."

The “rockumentary” is set to premiere at the festival on September 29th at 7 p.m. at the Philanthropy Theater.

If you follow Robert on social media you know that he has a love for film and music so this documentary is a way for him to put two of his passions together. 

He also loves making people laugh through his hilarious posts that feature his adorable nephew who is gonna be a star one day and definitely should have his own documentary as well!

Robert’s documentary will dive deep into the hilarious and musical journey of none other than The Sloppy Boys, a comedy-rock sensation.

The trio consists of Mike Hanford, Jeff Dutton, and Tim Kalpakis, on their wild ride from LA to West Texas, where they venture into the legendary Sonic Ranch recording studio.

And guess who's there to guide them? The one and only Money Mark Ramos Nishita, known for his collaborations with The Beastie Boys, David Byrne, and more.

“Two of my biggest loves in life are comedy and music, and this documentary was a perfect way to bring them both together. The notion came to me at the height of the pandemic, when I really needed a break from serious journalism,” Holguin said.

"I just thought it would be great for audiences to watch these three hilarious guys try to make music with an incredibly talented producer in a place as magical as Sonic Ranch. The end result is a really funny record and what I think is a documentary that celebrates the art of having fun."

If you want to check out Robert’s documentary film and other amazing films from local talents then make sure to get your tickets for the El Paso Film Festival. Roberts documentary will premiere on September 29th at 7 p.m. at the Philanthropy Theater.

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El Paso Film Festival:

  • September 28 to September 30 
  • Philanthropy Theater
  • The El Paso Museum of Art
  • The El Paso Convention Center

Blood, Sweat and Beers Documentary