When someone throws out the Spanish slang word “Heuvona” it’s usually not meant to be a compliment because a “Huevona,” according to the internet and my Mexican family, is also known as a lazy woman.

Now, I will admit that at times I am very guilty of being a Huevona. I mean, who isn’t? Right?!

Well, El Paso mom Leonor Vargas aka Lilo is using her social media to remind other hard-working women that it’s OKAY to be a “Huevona” every once in a while! (As long as things are done.)

Courtesy: Leonor Vargas
Courtesy: Leonor Vargas

“As a mom, I would always add extra stress to myself and that led to depression,” Lilo wrote on her official website, “I worried too much about getting things done, having food made, running errands, paying the bills and I would NEVER have time for myself!”

Lilo was born in Chicago, Illinois but moved to El Paso when she was 17 years old. Since living in El Paso she has gotten quite the following on social media all thanks to her easy and quick recipes that help women realize that you don’t have to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen to cook dinner for the family!

“One day I realized that my family needed me to be healthy, physically and mentally,” said Lilo, “Sometimes you don’t need to take hours to do things that can be done in an instant.”

She began expressing herself through social media by showcasing traditional dinner recipes but cutting the time in half when it came to cooking the meals for dinner.

She currently has over 150 thousand followers on Instagram, over 300 thousand followers on TikTok, and over 8 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

“TikTok helped me with my postpartum depression and anxiety. Things always happen for a reason, and this was one of them! I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity,” said Lilo.

Her recipes range from classic Mexican dishes like Rajas Con Queso to other classic dishes like Pepperoni pizza and spaghetti.

Lilo’s motivation behind creating these “cut in half” recipes was to help overworked and stressed women when it came to carving some extra time for themselves.

“So that others can accept themselves and be OK with a quick way rather than the typical way,” said Lilo, “Use that EXTRA time on YOURSELF!”

As a mom who gets home at 7 p.m. to a growing boy who loves to eat, I truly do appreciate seeing all of Lilo’s recipes, but what I appreciate the most is that she was able to find a way to celebrate the fact that sometimes it’s okay for moms to take a break!

So, to all the hard-working women out there who are too afraid to take a break, just remember that sometimes it’s ok to be a Heuvona! ......As long as things get done, and we already know they will!

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