If you had plans to run errands today because you have the day off you may want to hold off because today, our city is taking a well-deserved break to pay homage to Martin Luther King Jr., and some of those places your running errands at may be closed.

MLK Day became a federal holiday back in 1986. It's not just a day off; it's a day to reflect, celebrate, and maybe give back to your community with volunteer work.

City of El Paso
City of El Paso

Here is a look at places closed today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

In observance of MLK Day all City and County offices will be closed.

If you planned on heading out to pay some bills keep in mind that all Banks will also be closed today. 

Students in the following school districts will also have the day off: Canutillo, Clint, El Paso, Fabens, San Elizario, Socorro, and Ysleta. 📖✏️

El Paso Community College, UTEP, and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso do not have classes today either, but EPCC spring semester kicks off tomorrow, January 16th! 

All these businesses and school’s will be back to normal Tuesday, January 16th.

Luther King Marches
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day