El Paso’s Rosco’s Burger finally reopened their doors after a kitchen fire forced them to close down and the burger restaurant is already causing a buzz on the internet! To some a humorous buzz and to others… a not-so-funny buzz.

Last week the restaurant shared a photo on their Facebook page that featured Dallas Cowboy legend Emmitt Smith… or at least that’s what the caption led you to believe.

Once the photo was shared local media outlets ran with the photo and shared the exciting news only to be told in the comments section that the person in the photo was definitely NOT NFL legend Emmitt Smith.

Instead of deleting the whole post, local media outlets decided to keep the story and admit that they were fooled by the Emmitt Smith look alike!

Let’s be honest, if you’re not a big NFL fan and you glanced at the picture you probably would've thought it was Emitt too!

The post was an ongoing joke from the restaurant because last year they posted another photo with a Steve Kerr (Warriors Coach) look alike!

The Emmitt Smith photo went viral with many people laughing it off, but apparently, some people didn’t think the photo was funny. *Eye roll*

Rosco’s Burger shared a “cheeky" apology on their Facebook page after they received a 1-star review online after the photo went viral.

“We've been made aware that the humor, of joking about Emmitt, was too much for some. Worthy of a 1-star review, apparently. We enjoy the company of our guests. This is why we've made similar posts before (e.g. Steve Kerr look alike). We're sorry, but it will most likely happen again. I wonder who the next lookalike will be.”

Honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing who the next look-alike will be! The post went on to say:

“Lastly, we would like to give our sincerest thanks to everyone who has been patient these past weeks. Our staff is committed to giving the best experience possible. The tremendous support has presented new challenges, but we are learning and adapting in an effort to deliver a pleasant time. We are extremely thankful and blessed to have such challenges!!! Thank you!!!! Love, peace, and burger grease!”

Look, sometimes you find a joke funny and sometimes you don’t. I don't think this joke was done in bad humor and I don’t think it deserved a 1-star review because it has nothing to do with the food or staff themselves.

I’ve always been taught to just walk away from something if it’s not my cup of tea, but apparently whoever made that 1-star review must have NOT been a Cowboys fan!

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