Core Memory: When I was younger I fondly remember that my parents would take me and my siblings to look at houses that were for sale in our neighborhood.

Me and my siblings never knew if my parents were going to actually buy these beautiful homes but I remember I loved walking around these homes and always thinking to myself, “One day I will own a beautiful home like this!”

Well, fast forward to this past weekend. I attended the annual El Paso Festival of Homes and I turned right back into that 12-year-old little girl again the second I started walking into these beautiful houses.

I found myself looking at these homes and, again, thinking to myself, “One day, I’ll own a beautiful house like these!”

I’m still working on that dream but in the meantime events like the Festival of Homes is a really good tool for people who may be looking for a new house that isn’t like any other home around town!

“The annual El Paso Festival of Homes offers a rare glimpse into cutting-edge home design and smart-home technology. Each home represents a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and a vision for the future of residential spaces,” said event officials.

This annual event not only showcases astonishing homes from the region’s leading builders, it also supports community development with a portion of the proceeds going towards local housing charities. So, it’s a win-win for everyone!

From November 3rd to November 19th, people can stop by the festival to get a rare glimpse into the forefront of home design and smart-home technology.

"Our city is a hub of innovation and culture. The Festival of Homes is a celebration of that spirit, highlighting the incredible talent of our local builders and designers," said Edgar Garcia, President of the El Paso Builders Association.

This was my first time at the festival and I loved that it gave me a chance to step into the future of home living right in our own backyard.

So what can you expect at the festival? Here are the highlights:

The Festival features model homes from several local builders. These builders were tasked with designing one-of-a-kind homes that people could tour and hopefully buy!

Guests who join the festival will be able to enjoy interactive tours, workshops, and other helpful resources from knowledgeable realtors.

Courtesy: El Paso Festival of Homes
Courtesy: El Paso Festival of Homes

The El Paso Festival of Homes 2023:

  • Nov 3rd - Nov 19th
  • 14576 Tierra Nectar, El Paso, TX. 79938 • Tierra Del Este 89 Subdivision
  • Weekdays 2 PM to 7 PM & Weekends 11 AM to 7 PM
  • Tickets: Admission $5, Tickets Available at Event Location
Courtesy: El Paso Festival of Homes
Courtesy: El Paso Festival of Homes


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