It is safe to say that El Paso, Texas is full of so many great local small businesses! We have a great group of entrepreneurs in this city who love to keep their new and exciting business ideas local and I love that about our city!

After working in the event planning world for over 18 years, El Pasoan, Marilu Aleman, decided to create her own business, My Event Creators.

Marilu has been a business owner for over 5 years and after starting her own business, she decided to create an event for local entrepreneurs to provide them with a space to learn and grow from other business owners in the city: Entrepreneur Talks

Entrepreneur Talks serves as a place of motivation, showcasing the not-so-easy success stories of various entrepreneurs. Through this platform, individuals can delve into the journeys of these business owners, learning from their triumphs, trials, and tribulations.

From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, each story shared ignites a spark of inspiration and fuels the passion for success.

Guests are invited to join this large networking event and conference on Saturday, April 27th from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Starlight Event Center.

The event will provide guests with the opportunity to talk and connect with other business owners with the chance to develop collaboration opportunities.

Guest will hear from a panel of five local business owners that will include, Monica Lozoya - Allstate + La Wheela, Manny Adame - Mirage Beauty Boutique, Crysti Couture - React Republic, Kaleb Warnock - Flowar + Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and Paola Pedroza - TV Personality, Pepsi Music + La Voz Kids.

The event begins at 10 a.m. and will wrap up with a special networking event that will include a bar and live music.

The best part of this event, Grizz will be serving as the official host for the first-ever Entrepreneur Talks!

So, if this sounds like an event you would like to attend then make sure to purchase your tickets online by clicking here.

Entrepreneur Talks:

Entrepreneur Talks