El Paso, Texas is no stranger to car theft crimes. Just scroll through FitFam El Paso’s Instagram page and you’ll find videos of people trying to steal cars.

Most of these videos are captured on home surveillance cameras and the thefts usually target homes in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep and no one is out on the roads.

Well, apparently in Nashville, Tennessee there’s a new trend many car thefts are using and although I haven’t heard about this happening in El Paso, it’s still something we should be aware of!

An online article showed a video that was captured in a Nashville neighborhood and it had many residents left dumbfounded as they saw thieves effortlessly gaining access to locked cars using sophisticated technology.

The footage showcases individuals wielding transmitters, swiftly breaching car security systems within seconds. 

One resident explained the method that these thieves were using, known as a transmitter, which amplifies the signal from key fobs, tricking the car into unlocking. This left both him and his neighbors stunned, unaware that such a technique even existed.


This new trend sounds very alarming, and it is, but apparently there is a simple yet effective way to prevent these transmitters from working on your vehicle: placing key fobs in RFID bags, which block the signal and thwart the thieves' attempts.

Car theft rates in Texas are notably high so car owners are always encouraged to lock their cars, not leave any valuables in the vehicles, and if you have a garage you should probably put that garage to use to avoid any thefts from happening!

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Gallery Credit: Sarah Jones