Alright so one thing you must know about me is that I am a sucker for a precious feel good story ESPECIALLY when it involves a mom trying to make her child’s wish come true, and that’s exactly what I’m about to provide you all with!

I was scrolling on Instagram and came across a post shared by FitFam El Paso that featured a handwritten letter from a young boy from Anthony, NM.

The letter was a heartfelt letter inviting none other than Latin superstar Bad Bunny to his 14th birthday party in February of 2024.

The letter, which was shared on social media originally by “Nono’s” mom Vicky, started off by 14-year-old Nono letting Bad Bunny know that he is his favorite singer:

“Dear Bad Bunny, you're my favorite singer. I'm your fan. I like your songs.”

According to Vicky’s original post, Nono has Autism and when he asked his mom if he could write a letter to his favorite singer, Bad Bunny, Vicky was hesitant.

“I know the chances of Bad Bunny reading the letter are slim to none,” said Vicky in her post.

However, after she saw the look on her son’s face which was a look of excitement, Vicky knew that she couldn’t say no to her son.

“I couldn't discourage him when all this time I've been teaching him to work hard to make his dreams come true. Here's my chance to help him fight for his dream,” wrote Vicky.

So Nono wrote his precious letter and in the letter he asked Bad Bunny if he would attend his 14th Birthday party in Anthony, New Mexico on February 17th.

“We will welcome you with some delicious Mexican food. We will also be having pizza.”

Nono went on to write that they would gift Bad Bunny with some “candy” from his uncle’s dispensary. Talk about a great advertisement! Nono’s uncle better get him a great gift for this precious promotion!

Nono ended the letter by asking Bad Bunny to please make his wish come true, and now I’m here crying because this is just the most precious letter ever!

Nono’s mom will be mailing the letter out but she is hopeful that the internet will do it’s magic and hopefully Bad Bunny will see the letter online and make her son’s birthday wish come true!

And hey, even if Bad Bunny can’t make his way to Anthony, NM hopefully he can give Nono a shout-out or even a video phone call!

Courtesy: Vicky Arlene Soriano
Courtesy: Vicky Arlene Soriano

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