Throughout NFL history, there have been many different players representing the University of Texas at El Paso. This latest season however, might just see the MOST amount of former UTEP players in a single NFL season. Of course that’s all thanks to the amount of existing players and the amount of draft picks from this weekend.

Who are the newest UTEP prospects joining the NFL?

The first one announced for the 2024-45 season was former UTEP linebacker Tyrice Knight; the 118th overall pick (the 18th in the 4th round).

The next one was Offensive Lineman Elijah Klein; Elijah was the 220nd overall pick in the 6th round. You will see Elijah sporting a Tamps Bay Buccaneers jersey this year.

The next 2 were Quarterback Gavin Hardison & Offensive Lineman Andrew Meyer were picked as UDFAs (undrafted free agents) by the Miami Dolphins.

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The final surprise over the weekend came thanks to the New England Patriots as they’ve received former UTEP offensive lineman Zuri Henry who was a free agent.

These new picks will join their UTEP Alumni already in the NFL

So far, there are five players that we have seen in the NFL in the last few years;

  • Nik Needham for the Dolphins,
  • Roy Robertson-Harris for the Jacksonville Jaguars,
  • Will Hernandez for the Arizona Cardinals,
  • Eric Tomlinson for the Indianapolis Colts,
  • and of course Aaron Jones who will now be sporting a Minnesota Vikings jersey.
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In total that is 10 former UTEP Miners in the 24-25 season; which very well might be the most amount of former players in a single NFL season. So in summary: you have 1 players for the Seahawks, 1 for the Buccaneers, 1 for the Cardinals, 1 for the Jaguars, 1 for the Colts, 1 for the Patriots, 1 for the Vikings and 3 for the Dolphins.

Will any of these teams make it in the playoffs, or the Super Bowl? We have to wait to find out, but one thing is for certain:  it’s going to be a very interesting season!

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