Living in Texas, we know that tornadoes are not only inevitable, but they have been known to strike in several cities. Some more likely than others of course, but they happen EVERY year. There have been several well known tornadoes to hit Texas but one actually inspired the movie, "Twister" in 1996 & has been used on the cover of the movie ever since.

Which Texas tornado inspired the movie "Twister" tornado?

On May 28, 1994, an F1 tornado hit the small town of Miami, Texas in the Panhandle & it would travel a distance of 13 miles. Footage of the twister has found its way onto old VHS tapes and later onto the internet.

Storm chaser Warren Faidley was studying the twister back in 1994 and would capture photos of that very same twister. Including this iconic image of that tornado in May of 1994:

Warren Faidley via YouTube
Warren Faidley via YouTube

That very same photo would be used on the cover of the 1996 film, Twister. This was confirmed by Warren himself on his website. Warren would also be used a technical consultant while filming for the movie. (Hey what better person to help a film crew learn about tornados than someone who does it for a living?).

Warren even uploaded some footage of that very same tornado on his personal YouTube channel so you can see just how massive this storm was.

There IS talk about a new Twister movie coming out; Warren gave an update on what he thought of the sequel coming out while also including more background on his work on the original Twister film.

Thank you Warren for capturing one of the most iconic photos in tornado history (and movie history too!)

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