Everything is bigger in Texas & that apparently applies to our piles of trash. It turns out that there are many cities through the state with problems of having garbage lying around or with pollution. So much so that one Texas city ranked as THE dirtiest city in the entire country.


Which Texas city is the dirtiest in America?

According to a study by Lawnstarter, they listed over 100 different US cities (150 to be exact) & ranked them by pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction. Each city had a different ranking in every category but the list ranked every city by their overall scores. From Texas alone, 12 cities made the list of the 150 dirtiest cities in America.

Before we get to the top cities, here were all the Texas cities from least trashy to most trashy: Only one city was OUTSIDE of the top 100 & that was McKinney, Texas. They ranked at #135. After that, more and more cities began to fill up the list.

The following cities were ones that ranked in the top 100.

  • Frisco was #91
  • Plano was #78
  • Arlington was #72
  • Waco was #62
  • Austin was #56
  • Fort Worth was #40
  • Amarillo was #35
  • Dallas was #32
  • El Paso was at #29
  • & breaking into the top 10 was San Antonio at #7
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But the number one dirtiest city from Texas was...


Houston. Right at the #1 spot.

Lawnstarter says Houston ranks #3 in pollution, #4 in living conditions, #12 in infrastructure & #34 for consumer satisfaction.

Amazingly only one city from New Mexico made the list; Albuquerque. They ranked at #36 overall. 7 cities from Arizona also made the top 150: Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tuscon, Chandler & Phoenix which claimed the top spot for the state at #23.

This is definitely something we don't like seeing; so next time you have trash...just throw it away. Let's NOT be number 1 in this in the future...

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