I'm kinda reaching here but, believe it or not, there are some ties between the most famous rock band of all time, The Beatles, and El Paso.

The Beatles only existed for about a decade, during which they changed the face of art, fashion and rock 'n roll. They even influenced the drug culture and politics of the time.

So, how does the west Texas town of El Paso tie in to John, Paul, George and Ringo? Very loosely but they are familiar with the 915.

I'm a HUGE Beatles fans and I'm happy to say that I have seen 2 of them perform live. Those are the ties between El Paso and the first two.

When Did Paul McCartney Play In Las Cruces?

Sir Paul didn't play in El Paso, he did his show up I-10 in Las Cruces at Aggie Memorial Stadium. That was in 1993 and it was the only show 'Macca has ever performed in New Mexico. It was almost 3 hours of back to back hits from his days with The Beatles, Wings and other solo material.

When Did Ringo Starr Play In El Paso?

Ringo hit El Paso in 2017. His "All Starr Band" then featured Todd Rundgren, Gregg RolieSteve Lukather, Richard Page, Warren Ham and Gregg Bissonette and they put on a helluva show featuring hits from all the members careers as well as solo Ringo material and his Beatles songs like Octopus's Garden and Yellow Submarine.

How Does George Connect With El Paso?

He doesn't. I did interview George's sister in 2013 though. She was promoting a Beatles tribute band called Liverpool Legends. I've seen several Beatles tribute bands and these guys were great. Which explains how they got the blessing of George's sis and Paul McCartney himself. She was totally cool by the way.

What Does El Paso Have To Do With John Lennon?

To my knowledge, John never came here but the rock legend did have a connection with an El Paso legend.

John Lennon and his 2nd wife Yoko Ono each had a kid from their previous relationships, John a son, (Julian), and Yoko, a daughter. (Kyoko) Around 1970, during a really ugly custody battle, Yoko's ex disappeared with Kyoko and the couple tried everything to find them.

Including hiring a private detective from El Paso, Texas ... with no hands. Jay J. Armes talked with them and he did do some digging but, sadly, wasn't able to help. Yoko didn't see her daughter again until1994.

Beatles Are Back
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There you go ... some (very loose) connections between 3 Beatles and 1 Beatle sibling with the Sun City. For more Beatles music and trivia, listen to Brunch With The Beatles.  A weekly show hosted by me Sunday mornings from 10am - noon on Q2.

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