A train in Texas totally jumped the tracks after smashing into a stalled semi truck near Fort Worth.

"Look at the train, it's flipping upside down" a witness can be heard saying in the video of the monstrous crash as the two titans collide. See a pic here.

The collision happened mid morning near Aledo, a little bit west of Fort Worth, Texas at a crossing on FM 5 where the semi truck and trailer had stalled on the tracks.

Two of the trains engines and 17 of its cars were yanked off the tracks by the crash. Miraculously, only the trains conductor was hurt and, luckily, his injuries were minor.

According to yahoo.com, the sheriff’s office said that "some oil and diesel fuel spilled, but the fire department and hazmat crews were at the scene. No other chemicals were spilled and there was no danger to the public".

If your vehicle ever stalls on railroad tracks, and you can't somehow move it, you should call 911.

You should also notify the railroad. Somewhere near the crossing, you will find the railroads name and an emergency phone number on a sign. (See below)

Read some safety tips here and/or keep this list of emergency numbers handy. For more railroad crossing safety tips from TXDoT, click here.

Emergency Telephone Numbers Keep Railroad Crossings Safe
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The railroads name along with an emergency phone number to call will be posted somewhere near the crossing on a (usually) blue and white sign.

See some examples here and click here for a list of emergency numbers to call to report a stalled vehicle. For more railroad crossing safety tips from TXDoT, click here.

Just so you know, it is illegal to go around a train in Texas, even if it's stalled and not moving, unless you are directed to do so by law enforcement.

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