There's a lot to take away from this, but the main thing to note is that one substitute teacher in Buda, Texas is now without a job and under investigation.


Students at Jefferson High School in Buda, Texas reported that their substitute teacher had assigned them something so bizarre, that they had to let the higher ups know about it. The assignment? Perform a puppet show; that itself is super strange- but that wasn't all that was required for the in-school assignment. According to the students, one of the puppets had to be murdered.

Jefferson High School in Buda, Texas
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Additionally, one group of students allegedly reported that their performance would have "involved a mass shooting" though it is not clear if that was the specific assignment or a scene created to meet the parameters of the assignment- either way, that's a weird thing to assign high school students, right?

According to MYSA, the substitute teacher was removed from the campus on Friday, April 19. MYSA reports that The Hays Consolidated Independent School District issued an apology to parents that same afternoon that read in part:

The school and the district apologize to the students and their parents for any distress this has caused and pledges to ensure that it does not happen again.

MYSA does report that the Hays CISD human resources met with the teacher, but what exactly the assignment entailed was not clarified. Although these were high school students, the fact that murder and a mass shooting were even mentioned, was disturbing enough to school officials who said in a news statement:

Either way, assigning or allowing this type of performance, if proved to have occurred, would be disturbing and unacceptable conduct for an educator in Hays CISD.

The district says that pending the investigation, the substitute would not be asked to return. Obviously, parents were outraged.

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