Thanks mostly to issues on the border with Mexico, calls for Texas secession ... and even straight up Civil War ... have risen sharply.

If you're anti, don't worry ... Texas can't legally secede from the Union in the first place. If renegades decided to try it anyway, it wouldn't be a good thing. Honestly, how long would a "revolution" really last against the United States military, anyway?

The standoff along the Texas - Mexico border has pitted Texas against Washington, served as the impetus for an Army Of God, (which was said to be huge but then kinda fizzled and did almost nothing here in the Borderland), and sparked calls for Civil War.

Which would be ironic being that Texas is supposedly where the first Civil War ended. Another ironic side note is the fact that the Texas park at the center of the border crisis is known as the "grave of the Confederacy". See all those links? There's a lot going on ...

Are Most Texans For Secession?

Anyway, back to secession. A recent Newsweek poll asked that question and it doesn't seem like Texans are in any hurry to leave the USA.

When asked "Should Texas be a state within the United States or should Texas be an independent country?" 67 percent wanted to stay.

Are You SURE Texans Don't Want To Secede?

Slightly rephrasing the question showed more support FOR Texas bowing out:

"To what extent, if at all, would you support or oppose Texas succeeding from the United States and becoming an independent republic," 17 percent of respondents said "strongly support," 16 percent "support," 21 percent "neither support nor oppose," 12 percent "oppose" and 27 percent "strongly oppose" with another 7 percent unsure. The survey was conducted between 1 and 3 February online. - newsweek

Good or bad, likely or unlikely, poll results or no poll results; I really don't think Texas will ever leave the United States of America.

However ... thanks to being way out west, having that "El Paso Attitude" and being situated between Juarez and Las Cruces though, I kinda feel like El Paso may have already seceded from Texas.

We're just being low key to keep all that road construction $$ coming.

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