You wouldn't think that many Texas bands or musicians would have an appreciation for comic books, but some do. Of course we know bands like Metallica, September Mourning, Coheed & Cambria, and of course Rush have comic books based around them. But some huge Texas names have been involved with comics too; in one case, even took a comic book company to court.

Pantera have a graphic novel based around their iconic 1992 album

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of their Vulgar Display of Power album, both Phillip Anselmo & Rex Brown teamed up with Z2 Comics to create a special graphic novel using the lyrics of the album to create some truly unique images for the book. You can still find the various bundles on Z2 Comics website here.

2 Texas metal singers are famous comic book artists

Al Jourgensen, the iconic lead singer from Ministry, has lived many lived years in El Paso, Texas; even though he loves music, he also loves comic books. In 2013, Al created his own 13 issue series called "Ministry: The Devil's Chord – The Chronicles of Alien F". You can still see artwork on Minstry's Facebook page.

Another famous metal singer turn comic book writer is Eric July, the former lead singer of the Austin band, Fire From the Gods. Eric started his own comic book company called Rippaverse.

Even the Toadies are canon in the Marvel Universe

Yes...the Fort Worth, Texas band does exist in the Marvel Universe. In issues #6 & #7 for X-Men '92, the band were featured alongside the Flaming Lips. The band & even lead singer, Vaden Todd Lewis, have their own official Marvel wiki pages too. The band has even gone into great detail with their love of comic books like this interview with Soundsphere Magazine.

However not EVERY Texas musician likes comic books; the Winter Brothers might be 2 of them.

In the 1996 case, Winter Bros. vs DC Comics, both Edgar & Johnny Winter didn't exactly like the representation of each other in the comic book series called "Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such". The brothers tried to sue DC Comics for "defamation of private/public figure", & "invasion of privacy". The case was ultimately thrown out in early 1998 with DC Comics coming out the victor of this particular case. So yeah... Edgar & Johnny might not be the biggest fans of comic books after this, but we still love their music.

Ultimately, I love seeing the bands we love listening to be represented in new & unique forms of entertainment. Especially the Rush comic books...

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