Ever since the existence of Monster Jam, there have been several drivers from Texas who won in various competitions. And every year, Monster Jam has the World Finals, the biggest event to close out the season. During its history we've seen a total of 5 different Texas winners in World Finals history.

Lupe Soza (World Finals V)

The first Texas winner was Lupe Soza from Banquette/Corpus Christi, Texas, the driver of the ever popular, El Toro Loco monster truck.

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

During the World Finals V in 2004, Lupe Soza would score a 31 during the freestyle competition. He would actually tie with Madusa & Maximum Destruction, making the freestyle championship a 3-way tie. Nevertheless, Lupe became the first Texan to win and THIS was the run that did it.

Pablo Huffaker (World Finals VIII)

The next Texas driver is one that has been around for a long time; Pablo Huffaker from Tomball, Texas. Fans will know Pablo as a long time driver for the legendary Grave Digger.

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

Pablo would actually win during Monster World Finals VIII in 2007; he wouldn't win driving Grave Digger, but instead Captain's Curse. Pablo would score a 34 during the freestyle, winning that year's freestyle competition.

Pablo would later receive the Monster Jam Lifetime Achievement Award back in 2018, cementing his legacy as a monster truck legend.

We'd have to wait over a decade for our next Texan to win at the World Finals but it was worth it.

Linsey Reed (World Finals XX)

The El Paso native, Linsey Read, would actually win TWICE during 2019's Monster Jam World Finals XX; she would first win the Double Down Showdown.

She would later win the freestyle championship that same year with a score of 9.371 driving Scooby-Doo, making her a two-time World Finals champion.

Tristan England (World Finals XVIII/World Finals XXII)

Tristan England out of Paris, Texas, is also a 2-time World Finals Champion. His first win came during World Finals XVIII in 2017; he won the Double Down Showdown.

Then in 2023, he became a BKT Racing champion during the World Finals XXII. Both times he would drive the Earth Shaker monster truck to victory.

He wouldn't be the only Texas champ that year...

Colt Stephens (World Finals XXII)

Houston's Colt Stephens would be the 2nd Texan to rule during the World Finals XXII; he would drive the ThunderROARus & win the freestyle with a score of 8.608.

With several Texans driving for Monster Jam, it's likely we'll see more winners (and repeat champions) in the following years.

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