Peeps in Michigan have appropriated the Texas Star - I'm not going to give them any grief over it though because there's a cool story behind the, ahem, "theft".

Texas is, of course, the "lone star state". We have a single star on our flag and the star emblem represents ... well, flat out means ... Texas to most. El Paso even has a giant one on the side of the mountain. (It could, occasionally, back in the day, also be a cross by the way.)

There's also a huge cross ... not a crucifix ... on another of El Paso's mountains, just so you know. You can read about it here.

Anyway, back to the Texas star and the Michigan-ers. Or, is it Michigan-ians? (That kind of stuff keeps me up at night, I swear.) Anyway, moving on ...

What's Up With Michigan And The Texas Star?

Michigan isn't really "stealing" the star. In fact, from a historical perspective, they actually had it first. Their "barnstars" date back to the 18th century whereas Texas didn't even become a state until about halfway through the 19th century. (It was 1845 if you care.)

Barnstars were brought here, mostly, by German immigrants. The reason they painted 5 pointed stars on their barns was a good luck thing, a superstition that actually could mean more than just good luck.

What Do "Barn stars" Represent?

Depending on what color they are, that question has several answers ...

Here is What 5 Barnstar Colors Represent

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Meaning of the 5 Points on a Texas Star

You're probably familiar with the 5 points on a Texas star and here is what they mean.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins


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