Why don't inmates on death row in Texas get their customary "last meal" anymore? This guy ...

Those sentenced to death in Texas have always been afforded a last meal which could be, pretty much, anything they wanted. Most requests have been pretty routine with a couple of weird ones.

One inmate ordered a single olive. Serial killer/rapist Ted Bundy refused to order his last meal, instead opting for the "standard issue" meal. (Steak, eggs, hash browns, and toast.) Then, he didn't eat it.

When white supremacist Lawrence Brewer got to choose his last meal, he wasn't shy at all. Brewer asked for "chicken steaks, fried okra with ketchup, and a cheese omelette with ground beef, jalapenos and bell peppers".

He also requested a 'triple-meat bacon cheeseburger, three fajitas, one pound of barbecue and a half loaf of white bread, pizza meat lover's special, one pint of 'homemade vanilla' Blue Bell ice cream, one slab of peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts and three root beers'. (unilad.com)

Why Don't Death Row Inmates Get A Last Meal Anymore?

As of 2011, last meals are a thing of the past because this idiot didn't eat a bite of any of that stuff. That prompted Texas senator John Whitmire to end the 80+ year tradition of the condemned getting a last meal forever.

Some last meal requests had been denied in the past if the items were really out there or not actual food. This, (literally), last meal request wasn't the craziest one ever received.

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