They are the heartbeat of a song... they hold the structure of a band... they are the ultimate time keepers... they are... the drummers. I might be a little biased because I AM a drummer but they truly are the backbone to a great band. And here are 10 of the greatest drummers who were born in Texas:

Vinnie Paul (Abilene):

Let's start with one we're all familiar with; the brother of Dimebag Darrell, Vincent Paul Abbott (aka Vinnie Paul), was a MACHINE.

Tragically he passed away in 2018, but we still remember The Monster for his amazing playing skills in Pantera, Damageplan & Hellyeah.

Gene Hoglan (Dallas):

Another big name in the metal world; Gene Hoglan is one that, I feel, doesn't get talked about much. But he SHOULD.

This is the man that taught Dave Lombardo of SLAYER... how to play double bass drums. If you've listened to Strapping Young Lad, Testament, Dethklok, Fear Factory, or Death (to name just a few in his long illustrious career), you've definitely heard Gene play.

Frank Beard (Frankston):

Can't mention Texas drummers without mentioning ZZ Top's Frank Beard. While he not be the flashiest drummer; what is HE, is a groove machine.

Frank's beats, while sometimes simple, are EXACTLY what ZZ Top's music calls for. And by the way... even the ones that SOUND simple, if you've played them, you know they're not.

Don Henley (Glimer):

Eagles fans are very familiar with Don Henley:

  • he was one of the founding members of the band,
  • he's one of the lead singers. You've heard him on songs like "Hotel California", "Witchy Woman", "Life In The Fast Lane".
  • He's had a very successful solo career too.

Oh yeah! And he was the drummer for The Eagles & still is. Drumming & singing is NOT easy to do; just ask Phil Collins. But I'd be lying if he didn't make it look easy.

Suzette Quintanilla (Lake Jackson):

Whoever said "girls can't play drums" is WRONG. Exhibit A: Suzette Quintanilla. The same Suzette Quintanilla who was the sister of Selena. She was her drummer before Selena went solo in the family group Selena Y Los Dinos (Selena & the Guys).

Her playing can be heard one of the biggest Selena songs "Como La Flor"

Chris Dave (Houston):

Let's make things extra groovy with this next drummer; Chris Dave. Heavily inspired by jazz, gospel & hip hop; Chris got a HUGE boost in his career working with names like Kenny Garrett, Robert Glasper & HUGE pop names like Justin Bieber & Adele.

It's very hard to pick one moment that's amazing of here's a BUNCH OF THEM.

Aaron Sterling (Waco/Garland):

Currently living in LA, the Waco native Aaron Sterling has become one of the main "go-to" session musicians in the pop world; and has been since 2004. He's worked with Liz Flair, John Mayer, Natasha Bedingfield, Foreigner among many others.

The list of artists he's worked with is HUGE so if you want to take a deep dive in Aaron's work, check out his website.

Jimmy Carl Black (El Paso):

The original drummer for Frank Zappa was indeed a Texan, born in El Paso back in 1938. "The Indian of the Group" made a name for himself with Frank & The Mothers of Inventions.

Amazingly, there is footage of Jimmy's last gig in El Paso; performing at King's X in 2007, before his passing in 2008. You can see even more amazing El Paso drummers here.

Chris Layton (Corpus Cristi):

Another great legend that doesn't get talked about much is Chris Layton; the amazing drummer for Stevie Ray Vaughan & Jimi Hendrix.

Just like with Frank, his grooves may appear simple, but they add so much color & flavor to the songs they play... they have to be respected.

Taylor Hawkins (Fort Worth):

Last but absolutely not least, we have the amazing Taylor Hawkins. You know him for his work with Alanis Morrissette, the supergroup NHC (along with Dave Navarro & Chris Chaney), and there's also his work with this very small band with Dave Grohl called the Foo Fighters. You've probably heard one or two songs by them...

We lost Taylor this year in 2022 at the age of 50. But rest assured... he & the legends that are no longer with us will never be forgotten.

Some honorable mentions I want to throw out include Ron Tutt, Cody Hanson & Charlie Quintana.

I know there are many more amazing drummers I probably left off. But let this article be my way of saying to all drummers: "This ones for you!"

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