A total eclipse is coming April 8th and some parts of Texas are the best places to see it hit totality. One of those areas has issued a state of emergency ahead of the eclipse.

Bell County Texas is one of the best places to view the eclipse and officials are a little concerned about all the people flocking in to view it. They're, basically, already declaring the county a disaster area.

It's the last time an eclipse will be visible from within the United States of America until 2044.

Bell County is about to be inundated with visitors looking for the best place to watch the moon completely block out the sun and they're so worried about it, they've already declared it a "local, state disaster" even though it hasn't even happened yet.

The county expects its population of 400,000 to double in the days leading up to and after the eclipse, "due to our location in the Path of Totality," when the moon completely covers the sun.

The county expects traffic congestion, fuel shortages and strains on first responders, hospitals, and food. - CBS

The Bell County declaration also calls for residents to take certain precautions as far as hosting parties or guests.

The declaration also requires property owners to register with the county if they are hosting events like watch parties or camping for more than 50 people, as well as provide "adequate" bathroom and waste disposal facilities. - CBS

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