An island in Texas, controlled by cartel members and smugglers, was just reclaimed by Texas state troopers and military in a dangerous and historic operation.

Fronton Island, located in Starr County, Texas, is really just a wide spot in the river taking up 170 acres between Texas and Mexico.

The operation to "reclaim" the island was not only very risky, it was also the first of its kind.

It so happened that the Texans also were about to invade an enemy-held island, this one being a 170-acre, mile-long land mass in the middle of the Rio Grande. The declared enemy: ultra-violent Mexican cartels that have occupied and used it with impunity to smuggle cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, weapons, and illegal immigrants, all while shooting at American cops, riddling Border Patrol boats with bullets, and intimidating Texas farmers, ranchers, and the 180 residents of the isolated Texas riverfront village of Fronton. -

Through heavy vegetation, loaded with aggressive, "africanized" bees no less, they moved ahead.

Supposedly, Mexican soldiers were monitoring the other side but it was also suspected that some of them were cartel informants and may be giving up info.

Knowing that cartel members kind of had the upper hand in a number of ways, and being fully aware that accidentally striking a Mexican soldier could spark an international incident, they pressed on,

Read more here but, long story short, a picture of them planting a Texas flag on the island indicates Gov. Abbott's order to "seize and hold the island no matter what" was followed.

The question now though is, for how long? Along with, what will the cartels, smugglers and other intruders do next?

There are other islands along that stretch of the rio ...

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