Several cities across Texas recently decided to ease up on arrests related to marijuana possession and now the Texas AG wants to sue them over it.

Along with Colorado, New Mexico is reaping huge benefits from having fully legalized recreational marijuana. Texas remains totally anti, though some cities relaxed their pot policies to keep stoners out of jail.

Now the Texas Attorney General is trying to strong arm them into reinstating full marijuana laws and penalties by threatening lawsuits.

Austin, San Marcos, Killeen, Elgin, and Denton are the cities in Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's sites for offering amnesty and/or not even prosecuting certain marijuana related violations.

These policies were voted for and accepted by voters in these cities back in 2022 but now Paxton has decided he ain't having it.

“I will not stand idly by as cities run by pro-crime extremists deliberately violate Texas law and promote the use of illicit drugs that harm our communities,” said Attorney General Paxton. “This unconstitutional action by municipalities demonstrates why Texas must have a law to ‘follow the law.’ It’s quite simple: the legislature passes every law after a full debate on the issues, and we don’t allow cities the ability to create anarchy by picking and choosing the laws they enforce.” -

Paxton, basically, says he just doesn't want states running wild with regard to law enforcement and I get that but, c'mon Kenny. The people, clearly, have spoken.

Instead of suing cities trying to both appease their peeps and, truly, do the right thing, how about stepping into the modern world and legalizing it already??  The majority of Texans want that and 19 other states have already done it.

We're not talking about flip flopping on murder, rape or anything that serious. These Texas cities weren't the first to take this step either.

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

As far back as 2017, the D. A. for Nueces County said he would refuse to prosecute misdemeanor marijuana cases. El Paso, notsomuch ...

While some progress has been made as far as getting Texas to get on board the legal pot train, the lone star state still has a looong way to go as far as legal loco weed goes.

Medical marijuana at least is ok in Texas but even that program is complicated and pretty exclusive as far as who can be a part of it.

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