We all know who he is and we all know what he did. How would Texas courts have handled him?

First of all, knowing the legal system, they'd have probably lost his case or goofed up the chain of evidence or something.

Assuming they didn't and he went to trial, I bet some fancy pants lawyer would have bargained all his charges down to disorderly conduct and got him off with a fine.

He's a mean one and he's also a lucky one. If the Grinch had pulled that stunt in Texas, we'd have thrown the book at him.

If he'd messed with the Alamo, we'd be talking death penalty. The Whovill-ians went way more than easy on him.

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As I see it, we'd be talking breaking and entering, theft, robbery, kidnapping/unlawful restraint ... remember what he did to Cindy Lou Who? ... conspiracy, (he had Max in on it), vandalism, identity theft, (acting as Santa) and animal cruelty. (Poor Max.)

It's a hate crime too and the the peeps in Whoville could have also sued him for emotional distress and sought damages.

Photo, The Cinema Cop/YouTube
Photo, The Cinema Cop/YouTube

I'm not a lawyer though so, here's what a real one said El Grinch-o would have been charged with:

Trespassing, stalking, disorderly conduct, criminal scheme to defraud, assault and battery, harassment, retail fraud, child neglect/abuse, criminal mischief and nuisance, criminal conspiracy, animal poaching, reckless driving, driving without a license, maintaining a house of ill repute, criminal mischief, child endangerment, criminal damage to properties, illegal dumping, disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, improper lamp equipment on vehicle, illegal parking, no-seat-belt violation, speeding, exceeding vehicle load (no Commercial Driver’s License), disturbing the peace, excessive decorations, extortion and bribery.

Believe it or not, there could be even more.  See what other charges could have been tacked on here.

Fortunately for the Grinch, the citizens of Whoville bought his apology and chose not to press charges ... spirit of the season, 'ya know.

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