Texas certainly takes their cuisine seriously. Every year at the State Fair of Texas, many compete to see who could create the most delicious, deep fried delight. Year's ago, two men decided to deep fry a weenie and the rest is history!

However, I must be a bad Texan because I have never in my life called them "corny dogs"!

Blake Guidry via Unsplash
Blake Guidry via Unsplash

How do you take your corn dog? With mustard? Ketchup? Maybe both? Either options are delicious- but if you're in Texas don't you dare call them just "corn dogs"! Texas Monthly has an article on a native Texan who is living in Arkansas and was stunned to find out that people don't call them corny dogs but, rather, corn dogs!

It wasn’t until I moved “abroad” that I discovered everybody outside of Texas calls a corny dog a corn dog. What gives?

Well, this is news to me, I've always called them just corn dogs! But apparently, 'round these parts, you shouldn't call them that!

It all started in the 40's when Neil and Carl Fletcher deep fried a batter-covered weenie. Apparently, they had other names for the treat like:

  • K-9's
  • Brown Bombers
  • French Fried Hot Dogs
  • Meals on Sticks

They were definitely onto something with that "meals on sticks" - we got Hot Dog on a Stick! However, once they changed the name to "corny dogs" they were selling like... well, like hot cakes, pardon the pun.

From then, the Fletcher brothers created Fletcher's Corny Dogs and the rest is history!

For those who aren't from Texas, and even those of us who have lived here their whole lives, sometimes we need a guide for our foods; like rule number one- no beans in chili! And now, rule number two, they are called corny dogs!

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