While the tactics implemented by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to secure the Texas - Mexico border may be a little unorthodox, you can't argue with the results.

Some people applaud Governor Abbott's actions, some disapprove and many others are either indifferent or straight up amused by them.

It would appear though that, no matter what side of the fence ... no pun intended ... you're on, he is "on" to something.

From floating barriers placed in the Rio Grande to seizing a park, (named, ironically, for a Civil War General who fled into Mexico rather than surrender to Union forces), and lining it with razor wire, the Gov's been busy and illegal crossings in Texas are dropping fast.

The number of arrests by the Border Patrol near Eagle Pass, Texas fell 50% from 250,000 in December of 2023 to 125,000 in January 2024.

In recent weeks, the flow of migrants crossing into the U.S. illegally has largely shifted away from Texas, concentrating instead in Arizona and California, where immigration officials are now recording roughly 60% of all unlawful border crossings, according to internal federal government figures obtained by CBS News. - CBS

The Del Rio Sector in Texas recorded 2,300 daily migrant crossings in December but in January, 2024, the daily average was only 200. While Governor Abbott and Texas appear to be winning the game here, Arizona and California are now having to step their games up.

Over the past weeks, the Tucson sector in Arizona and the San Diego sector in California have been the busiest Border Patrol regions for migrant crossings. - CBS News   

Places like Lukeville, Arizona, and Jacumba Hot Springs, California are now feeling the heat as migrants, smugglers and other illegal crossers seek new routes into the USA.

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