More bad weather unleashed its wrath upon Southeast Texas early this week, leaving behind a trail of destruction and tragedy. The forces of nature claimed a toll of at least two lives in the Lone Star State.

@Jt_Buckner via Twitter
@Jt_Buckner via Twitter

Winds caused a house under construction in Conroe to crumble, ending the lives of two subcontractors working there, while inflicting injuries upon seven others. The collapse happened at a construction site in Conroe's new Ladera Creek community.

According to the news media outlets in the area, it seemed to be a tornado. It could have also been straight line winds.

Conroe is a city located in the southeastern part of Texas, United States. It is situated in Montgomery County, approximately 40 miles north of downtown Houston.

One grieving family has identified one of the victims as Brayan Rubi Lopez Aguilar, who tragically lost his life in the incident.

In addition to the loss of life, the storms unleashed chaos upon the power infrastructure of the region. Power lines, unable to withstand the relentless assault by the winds, caused at least 20 homes and businesses to be damaged in Huntsville. At last check, over 10-thousand customers were without power.

Montgomery County began its clean-up after Tuesday, May 23, 2023. The repercussions were felt the most in Conroe, resulting in the loss of two lives near Willis.

In Willis, the impact of the storm left a significant mark, damaging anywhere from a dozen to two dozen homes. In a broader scope, authorities estimate that around 70 homes in Montgomery County also suffered various degrees of damage.

Willis and Conroe ISDs are closed Wednesday as a result of power outages caused by storms. Willis ISD says graduation is still on track for next week.

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